Winter Camping Articles

Tom Wharton writes that winter camping in Utah can be good, bad or ugly, sometimes all in the same trip in an article in the Salt Lake Tribune entitled “Winter Camping Can Be Cool“.  Tom highlights the solitude, assorted wild creatures and, if the weather is right, an amazing star-filled sky on a moonless night but warns that when camping in the winter the key is coming prepared for cold.  Tom presents the Top 10 Winter Campgrounds in Utah.  Finally there is a discussion of winter camping tips and staying safe with a propane heater. 

Eric Starling posted an article “Learning From Mistakes – Minimalist Winter Backpacking” of his experience and lessons learned from taking his lightweight summer backpacking equipment on a winter camping overnight. Use the link above or read the whole article here.

In December of 1997 Karen Sykes wrote an article for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer entitled “Snow camping: Once you try building an ice shelter, you just may dig it“.  The article consists of three parts; the beauty of winter camping, shelter options including snow caves, igloos and tents, and finally some general tips for getting started winter camping.  Follow the link above or read the entire article here.

In the article “Out In The Cold:  Build a snow cave for a night in an outdoor icy cage” by Justin Nyberg  in the Santa Fe Reporter 11/19/2008 Justin reports on making a snow cave and sleeping overnight.  As he says: “…if you can keep the needle on the misery meter pointing more toward adventure than disaster, winter camping can be a blast!”  Follow the link above or read the entire article here.

Gearing Up For Winter” by Craig Hill in the October 23, 2008 Tacoma, WA News Tribune has a recommends 16 different pieces of gear for winter camping.

Roundtable Discussion of Winter Hiking and Camping” is an article summarizing a 1 hour 16 minute podcast in which the Backpacking Light staff discuss how to get the most out of any winter trip from day trip to multi-day expeditions.  Each participant discusses the gear (primarily shelters and clothing) and equipment they use for their winter camping experiences.  Most of the participants have a west coast, dry powder bias, but the podcast is well worth listening to.  For a synopsis the article is a good read.

Cold Mountain: Adirondack Adventure” describes writer Phyl Newbeck’s first winter camping experience with her boyfriend Bryan and friends at the Marcy Dam campsite. It was published March 21 in the Burlington Free Press.

It’s not just cool, it’s COLD!” describes some of the components of a winter training class including the need for careful planning, managing moisture, food, being versed on hypothermia and keeping a positive attitude to enjoy the challenge. The article by Joanne E. McFadden appeared Sunday, January 13, 2008 Schenectady, NY.

Weekend Warrior; Camping in the Cold: A Game of Survival by Joe Glickman in the NY Times Published: March 13, 1998 relates the author’s winter camping mishaps, mistakes and successes.

Out Cold-Winter in Yellowstone Highlights Extremes” relates author Rich Landers’ experience cross country skiing and winter camping in Yellowstone. The article appeared Friday, March 7, 2008 in The Spokesman-Review.

A Backcountry Trip Across British Columbia’s Glaciers” The Spearhead Traverse is a two- to four-day backcountry ski trip into the unpopulated alpine realm that awaits just beyond the boundary ropes of Whistler Blackcomb, in British Columbia. The epitome of high (and cold) lonesome, it’s a journey of glacier crossings, impossibly fresh snow and winter camping in tents and huts. The trip was described by Christopher Solomon and published February 29, 2008 in New York Times Travel Section.

Winter camping teaches Scouts survival” told by Lynn Taylor Rick, and published in the Rapid City Journal on Thursday, February 14, 2008. The article stresses the amount of training and preparation undertaken by a boy scout troop and the accommodation of different levels of expertise on their overnight winter camping trip.

Let’s go camping! Ooh, but baby, it’s cold outside” recounts a neophyte’s 1st winter camping experience. The author, Katie Surman, has no camping experience, but is wise enough to go winter camping with others more experienced and has a pleasant and memorable trip. Her experience was published in the Great Falls Tribune on February 29, 2008.

Getting The Kinks Out-Winter Camping Requires Practice” by Tim Jones appeared in the Concord Monitor on February 22, 2008 and it offers practical advice for beginning winter campers and suggestions for phasing into your 1st winter trip.

Prepare for WinterCamping by Janet Reese from the Rocky Mountain News March 2006. provides tips to prepare for winter camping and make it a positive experience. It includes advice from vendor clinics on: How to stay warm, winter-specific gear, setting up a camp site, food and water and links to winter camping classes and web resources.

“Out Cold – Today’s High-Tech Clothing And Gear Make It Easier To Stay Warm And Dry When Camping During The Winter” discusses layering, use of synthetic fabrics, avoiding overheating, sleeping bags, keeping your feet warm and dry and avoiding dependence on electronic gadgets. The article was written by Mike Waters and appeared in The Post-Standard on Wednesday, January 9, 2002.

There Is Nothing Like Camping In The Winter” by Deb Acord published December 3, 1997 by Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service gives quotes and profiles from three prominent Colorado winter campers.

Winter Camping: Preparing the Camp and Getting Through the Night By Ron Watters From Ski Camping: A Guide to the Delights of Backcountry Skiing.

Winter Camping By Stephen Sharp (2006). An introductory overview from ClubTread with nice pictures.

Winter Intent: How to camp in that challenging fourth season By Michael Lanza AMC Outdoors, November 1999. Focused on the components, selection and use of a winter tent.

Winter camping: reflections on living in the wilderness by Peter Morgan MD from the Canadian Medical Assoc Journal /APRIL 19, 1980/VOL. 122. A dated, but well written trip report of winter camping in the Canadian Shield.