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Winter Camping Poems

(About Our Winter Camping Trip December 27th)

I am not going to lie to you, said Matt with a smile.
It’s a pretty long hike, a little over 4 mile.
To get to the lean-to at the clearing named Scott’s
It will be a hard haul and take what you got.

The temperature may chill us to well below zero,
But I have a solution; to this problem you know.
We can load extra gear on these handy snow sleds
They slide by themselves, they just have to be led.

So we loaded our gear – on our winter trek did embark.
Jim with his pack, pulling sleds were Matt, Len and Mark.
Matt set the pace as he led the group off on the trail
But soon we heard a whine, a yell, then a loud wail.

I am not going to lie to you! through clenched lips he hissed
This sled keeps tipping and I am getting quite pissed.
I have to carry it over logs and it bumps into rocks
Each person that passes by stares, giggles and gawks.

The only thing worse than pulling the sled
Is breaking the thing and having to carry the bread.
We made it to the lean-to with time in excess
It was around three PM or so I would guess

We had angel hair pasta and it tasted de-lish
But what didn’t get eaten became frozen to the dish
For the temperature was sinking, passing zero and dropping
As we climbed in our sleeping bags the trees were popping..

Matt gave Mark his good -30 winter sleeping bag
And rolled up in his summer sack, plus just one rag.
I am not going to lie to you, said Matt through teeth a chattering
I’m cold and not having any fun, not that it’s mattering.

Cause I’ve never been colder and these feet are a keeping
My mind wide awake and the rest of me from sleeping.
I am not going to lie to you, just for courtesy sake
Instead of lying here shivering, I rather be awake

We arose at eight and searched for the trail for Summit Rock
But a long trail and cold feet stopped us at 11 o’clock
I am not going to lie to you, Matt said with despair
Though we come quite a ways, we’re not close to being there.

So we all turned back, loaded our gear and headed out
Using the same trail in for our outward bound route.
I am not going to lie to you, it was a trip to remember
That one we took on The Twenty-Seventh of December.

The Much Anticipated Never Accomplished Rainbow Falls Trip
To be sung to the tune of Somewhere Over the Rainbow……..

Someday we’ll get to Rainbow
Falls, I know.
Mark said we’ll get to Rainbow
but not what time to go.

Someday we’ll get to Rainbow
Falls, it’s clear.
Mark said we’ll get to Rainbow
I hope that it’s this year.

We don’t know what gear to bring
if we should dress for fall or spring
or maybe summer.

We just don’t know what we will eat
where we’ll sleep or where we’ll meet
what a bummer!

Someday we’ll get to Rainbow
Falls, I thought
Mark said we’ll get to Rainbow
but I’m getting overwrought.

On mountain tops we’ll make our camp
we won’t know if it’s dry or damp
until we get there!

We may meet at crack of day
morning, noon, it’s hard to say
but why should we care?

Someday we’ll get to Rainbow
Falls, yes we can
Mark said we’ll get to Rainbow
if only he would plan.

Words by Jim Muller