A Sleeping Pad Stack for Winter Camping

I recently discovered the combination of using an inflatable pad on the bottom and a closed cell pad on top for winter camping. It seems a bit counter-intuitive to use the inflatable on the bottom but it ends up acting like a balloon and floating the closed cell pad off of the cold snow.


Who Needs High-Tech Sleeping Pads?

Chad models his Neon Pocket Air Mattress (in it’s original packaging) that he used on his Chimney Mtn camping trip. This was Chad’s 1st winter camping trip with us so he can be forgiven for not overspending on gear. But Chad, if you want to continue with us you have to start buying lots of […]

Sleeping Pads for Winter Camping

Carol D commented on our post about down filled sleeping pads.

“I have owned a Downmat 9 for a couple of years and agree that they are WAY more comfortable than even the thickest Thermarest. However, camping in snow is problematic and the Downmat itself is NOT warm enough. My husband tried it the first […]