Sleeping Warm While Winter Camping

Staying warm at night while you are winter camping is crucial to a successful trip. This discussion covers the components of a winter camping sleeping system, preparation steps before sleeping, using external heat sources, dressing for sleep, personal variations, adjustments during the night and the morning after.

Components Of A Sleeping System

1. Sleeping pads


DIY Tyvek Bivy

I had a couple of pieces of 9′ Tyvek left over from the home remodeling that I wanted to experiment with for camping applications. I took a piece to use as a ground cloth in my megamid tipi when we winter camped on Peaked Mountain and it worked well.

A bivy can keep your […]

A Sleeping Pad Stack for Winter Camping

I recently discovered the combination of using an inflatable pad on the bottom and a closed cell pad on top for winter camping. It seems a bit counter-intuitive to use the inflatable on the bottom but it ends up acting like a balloon and floating the closed cell pad off of the cold snow.


Eureka Kaycee 0º F Long Sleeping Bag


Johnson Outdoors’ products are distributed widely through a variety of outdoor recreational channels, including national and regional sporting goods retailers and independent specialty products dealers. They have a wide range of outdoor gear for the fishing, boating, paddling, diving, and camping enthusiast. Their subdivision, Eureka!, is perhaps best known for their tents. They publicize […]

More on Sleeping Warm

Eastern Slopes has an informative article on sleeping warm when caught by unexpected cold weather. Author David Shedd elaborates on seven key points:

Carry a lightweight liner. They pack small and light, and can dramatically improve your bag’s rating. (Also read this) Wash your body with a wet pack towel or baby wipes resulting in […]