Quick Overnight / Broomstick Lake

Matt & I exchanged emails about our desire to get out for an overnight camping trip. We settled on Broomstick Lake, about an hour’s drive for each of us.

Our initial plan was to meet Saturday afternoon and camp Saturday night, but with no one else joining our trip we discussed the possibility of […]

Peaked Mountain

Peaked Mountain, (Latitude: N 43° 43′ 42.74″ Longitude: W 74° 08′ 58.70″) elevation 2919 feet, is a modest sized mountain located north-west of Thirteenth Lake. It is very steep sided which affords great views of the surrounding forest, lakes, and mountains, including the high peaks. The trailhead is at the parking lot for public […]


Today’s recreational snowshoes are smaller, lighter, stronger, and more maneuverable than the traditional wood frame and rawhide models. They are made of high-quality, light, durable, aluminum or carbon fiber with a durable synthetic decking. Quality snowshoes cost $200-300, although you can usually find a sale- especially off-season and they will likely last for decades of […]

How To Start Winter Camping: take extended day hikes and prepare a meal

Take an extended day hike and prepare a meal. Build a fire and cook a hot dog or warm up soup over your stove.

This is a great way to introduce kids and novices to winter camping and to acquire initial skills without worrying about sleeping over-night in cold temperatures.

An extension of this philosophy […]

Devil’s Kitchen Lean-to

The Devil’s Kitchen Lean-to is located in the northeastern Catskills and is easily accessible from the Prediger Road Trailhead or the Platte Clove Road Trailhead. This route, along the Long Path from Platte Clove, is approximately a mile shorter and at 1.1 miles in one direction, makes for quick access and an easy to intermediate […]

How To Start Winter Camping: take the 10 essentials

Take the 10 essentials. No matter what the situation, there are essential items that need be included to ensure your comfort and survival – the famous 10 essentials. The 10 essentials include navigation aids, a light source, extra food and water, extra clothes, protection from the sun, 1st aid kit, a knife or multi-purpose tool, […]