Cheeseburger in a Can

It’s hard to believe no one has come up with this before.   Just heat the can in a water bath, open the lid, and enjoy your delicious cheeseburger! Never before has it been easier to prepare a burger in the wilderness within such a short time. The cheeseburger, which is marketed under the Trek‘n Eat label, guarantees unrestricted enjoyment in the mountains and in other extreme environments. People in the wilderness who rely on the experience of an expedition food specialist such as Trek‘n Eat in preparing their meals have more of life: more enjoyment, less weight to carry, and more time for doing other things. The canned burger has a shelf life of twelve months without requiring refrigeration.

And you think people smirked when you heated your Dinky Moore….

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February 17th, 2010 | Tags: food | Category: Winter Camping

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