Do you like to hike at night? Do you  want to get to a particular spot to watch a meteor shower? Is your main reason for camping being able to lie down in your tent at night and read without anyone bothering you? Or, do you participate in extreme activities where bulletproof is THE main factor?

A perfect headlamp for accomplishing tasks in camp is bright, focused, with an even beam pattern, but may be too bright for reading.  A great light for hiking has a bright, focused center with a wide area that’s less bright to allow your peripheral vision to work. Pick the wrong light, and you’ll significantly reduce your enjoyment of what you want a light for. reviews three headlamps with white light and four headlamps with red light.

  • Princeton Tec Fuel/L. L. Bean Trailblazer ($15 and up street price; 2.7 oz.  35 lumens on high.)
  • Coleman High Power ($25 MSRP; 3.6 oz.  75-15 lumen range.)
  • Primus PrimeLite CT ($66 MSRP; 3.6 oz.  45 lumens on high.)
  • Primus PrimeLite CA ($78 MSRP; 3.6 oz.  45 lumens on high.)
  • Princeton Remix($30-35 street price; 3.0 oz.  100 lumens on high.)
  • River Rock TekTrek ($35; 3.9 oz.  No rating given.)
  • Underwater Kinetics eLED “Vizion”($45; 4.0 oz.  65 lumens on high, 35 on low.)

Read the entire post here to compare these headlamps and learn a little about the value of using red light to protect your night vision.

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October 21st, 2011 | Category: Winter Camping Gear

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