Change into clean, dry, loose fitting clothes prior to climbing into your sleeping bag. Perspiration in the clothes you wore during the day will chill you at night. Wear wool, silk or polypropylene long underwear tops and bottoms. A hat, balaclava or hood will help keep your head warm. Accessories such as socks, light gloves/mittens, and a scarf around your neck will also help retain body heat.

Make sure your feet are as dry as possible before going to bed. Wear dry sleeping socks or booties or you can “dry” wash your feet with a good foot powder that contains aluminum chlorohydrate, to dry the skin and reduce perspiration.

If you wear too much to bed you can risk compressing your sleeping bag insulation and getting overheated. You want to avoid sweating during the night. If you feel constricted in your bag, you have got too much on.

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March 4th, 2011 | Tags: sleeping warm | Category: Winter Camping Skills

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