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Finding tall clothing suitable for winter camping is difficult.  There is a paucity of vendors that sell quality outdoor gear in truly tall sizes.   We are continually in search of manufacturers of quality outdoor clothing to fit tall frames.  There are few options out there but we were fortunate enough to stumble upon Andy Tuller’s outdoor clothing company ( while doing an internet search of custom outdoor clothing.

Matt is 6’5 with an inseam of 38″.  It is very difficult if not sometimes almost impossible to find outdoor clothing that fits such a tall frame.  Matt read Andy’s product descriptions, company history, and sizing descriptions including information about being able to ask for sizing customizations at no extra cost and decided to give it a try.

Matt ordered a pair of the “quick dry pants” and emailed Andy asking if he could  make them 38” long.  Andy replied via email saying that it would be no problem and after about 2 weeks the pants came in the mail.

Initial inspection left Matt very pleased.  The pants are constructed of a single layer of supplex nylon.  The stitching all looked tight and clean.  The fit was  perfect.  They came with an elastic and web belted waist.  Two zip closed pockets on the front and draw cords at the ankles.

Matt recently wore them on an overnight trip in the Adirondacks.  There was a couple inches of snow and the temperatures were low 20’s.  Wearing a very light weight pair of wicking pants underneath yielded the perfect combination.  The pants are are non restricting for hiking and the snow just sheds off of them.  They were easy to slip on and off when changing.

Matt was very pleased with the pants and we are planning to order more from this company in the future.  They are highly recommended to anyone looking for a well tailored lightweight pair of supplex pants.  The quality and price can’t be beat – especially if you are looking for pants of a non-traditional size.

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December 13th, 2015 | Category: Winter Camping, Snow Hiking, Winter Camping Gear, Cold Weather Camping

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