Myog Rulk 5

Rulksack / Pulk Combo

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a light pulk strapped onto your pack so you could instantly to switch back and forth between pack and pulk?  This approach allows you to pull when there is a smooth and level trail and quickly switch to backpack mode in rough or wooded terrain.

Jörgen Johansson built a prototype  and describes it over on BackpackingLight .


The pulk and harness consisted of aluminum sheeting, 1 mm, cut to the size of the pack, 40 x 16 inches, 7  plastic clips, 5 yards of 4 mm nylon cord and 2 lengths of plastic hose with an inner diameter fitting the cord.

Jörgen  took it on a 70-mile trip in the four days/three nights trip and found that the aluminum sled  became deformed, from sled to half pipe, and scooped some snow, but it was easily re-shaped by hand.  The half pipe deformation and a relatively high center of gravity also caused the unit to become unstable.

Perhaps worth investigating would be a cut down plastic sled that could be strapped onto a pack.  Anyone else with experience trying a pack/sled combination?

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July 4th, 2011 | Tags: pulk | Category: Cold Weather Camping, Snow Hiking, Winter Camping, Winter Camping Gear, Winter Camping Skills

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