DEC Regulationsspecifically theDEC State Land Use Regulations.

Where to camp in the Adirondacks on State Land is actually very easy. You may stay in most lean-tos except those designated as “day use only” shelters, and there should be a sign on or near the lean-to informing you of this.

Tents may be set up at a designated sites. Designated sites have yellow “Camp Here” discs with a black tipi, and your tent must be within 15 feet of this disc. Outside of designated sites, tents must be 150 feet from any trails or water. Lean-tos do not count as designated sites, so tents must be 150 feet from any lean-tos or trails leading to lean-tos as well. Designated sites will have a disc, so even if there is a fire ring but not a disc, the campsite is not a legal one unless it follows the 150 foot rule.

Last but not least, obviously, you can’t camp at any site that has a “No Camping” disc.

Leave No Trace Principles (Note that LNT is not regulations, but rather a standard of wilderness ethic that is even greater in scope than most regulations that wilderness users are encouraged to adhere to out of a respect for the resources rather than a desire to obey the law).

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