Sources of Commercial Pulks

At the high end are commercially available pulks such as the ones from SkiPulk, Granite Gear, Kirafu, Snowsled, WildernessEngineering or Fjellpulken.

  • SkiPulk offers a wide range of SkiPulk accessories and models.  You can purchase poles, hip belts and/or harness to accessorize a Paris Expedition sled or complete SnowClipper, Weekender or Expedition pulk system.
  • The Granite Gear Expedition sled weighs 17 lbs and has a capacity of 15,000 cubic inches. With a crossed fiberglass stay system, flexible nylon connecting rods, and a zero play full body harness, this sled pulls and turns easily. The lightweight hull offers a low coefficient of friction (drag) over the snow. There is a durable cover with 3 compression straps to secure gear and a full-length zipper for access. The hull has molded-in ski runners and there is a brake prevents sled from sliding backward on slopes. The harness poles are constructed in such a way as to allow for hip rotation.
  • Kirafu offers three models: Expedition ($825, 15lbs/18000 cubic inches), Armadillo ($638, 12 lbs/12000 cubic inches and Military sleds (MILSPEC verisons).
  • Snowsled makes a variety of pulks for short 2 week expeditions to lengthy multi-week trips, adventure racing models and day trip versions.
  • WildernessEngineering offers an 11,000 BaseCamp Pulk and a 6 page instruction booklet.
  • Fjellpulken from Lillehammer, Norway offers a broad assortment of models for children, disabled, touring and expedition, rescue and dog racing. You can download a brochure here.
  • Northern Sled Works offers the Siglin Sled and Siglin Pulk as well as models for towing behind a snowmobile.

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