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Wilderness Medicine has a a nine step plan for,god forbid,handling medical emergencies in the wilderness by covering a plan or checklist for their nine step Patient Assessment System. I participated in Wilderness 1st Aid classes and mock emergencies I where I ‘hurt’ victims by rushing to judgments and offering improper assistance. The checklists force a process that ensures all aspects of the situation get addressed. If you aren’t going to take a Wilderness 1st Aid class or Wilderness 1st Responder,then at least read their full set of posts.

The Patient Assessment System

1. The First Five Minutes

2. Patient Assessment System – Scene Survey

3. Patient Assessment System – Primary Survey

4. Patient Assessment System – Vital Signs

5. Patient Exam:What are their injuries?

6. Patient Assessment System – AMPLE History:What is their past medical history?

A – Allergies

M – Medications

P – Previous Injury or Illness

L – Last Input and Output

E – Events leading up to the crisis

7. Patient Assessment System – SOAP:What is our patient care plan?

Subjective data:age,sex,the mechanism of injury ,and the chief complaint

Objective data:vital signs,the patient exam,and the AMPLE history.

A – Assessment:(problem list)

P – Plan:(plan for each problem on the problem list)

8. Rescue Survey / Plan

9. Patient Assessment Check List

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