Trail Stove by Stratus

During the winter it is especially important to get good dependable performance out of one’s backpacking stove. Up until this point the crew has always used some sort of fuel based stove. These generally have worked great however one problem that we have is they can sometimes lose fuel pressure due to the cold temperatures and it is also difficult to measure how much fuel one has left not to mention the weight of carrying the stove and fuel. We recently purchased a wood burning Trail Stove by Stratus.

The trail stove weighs in at less than a pound (14.8oz) and since it burns wood you never have to worry about running out of fuel. The trail stove is small, lightweight and yet very well made and sturdy. Our initial test of the stove produced very favorable results. It was very easy to start and maintain a fire. A pot of water was brought to a boil in around 15 minutes with little effort.

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