Keeping clean while winter camping is a challenge, especially on multi-day trips. One method is to use pre-packaged cleaning wipes. The standard “wet wipe” contains a high alcohol content and are primarily design to wipe your hands. An alternative is “The Paper Shower”.

Paper Shower is a combination wet and dry towelette pack. The moist towelette cleans and moisturizes with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, while the dry towelette picks up leftover saline, but leaves the moisturizers behind.  The package is small (9×12″), easy to pack and the towelettes are unscented. The dry towelette, although not always necessary, was nice to have as an alternative to ‘air drying’ in the cold air.

The wet and dry towelettes are partially made from recycled materials.  They are durable and will not fray or tear when used.

Directions For Usage: Apply moist towelette to arms, hands, face, legs and/or feet. Then apply dry towelette to areas that moist towelette was applied. Place in waste receptacle after usage. Do Not Flush!

Warnings: For external use only- arms, hands, face, legs and feet. This product is not anti-bacterial and is not an antiseptic.

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December 7th, 2011 | Tags: hygiene | Category: Winter Camping

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