Winter Camping Quotes

“It’s not a race!”

“It’s the journey…not the destination.”

“It’s a Jamboree!”

“Always remember the 6 P’s” (Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance)

“I’m not going to lie to you…”

“I’m not really fond of them actually.” (Skip referring to heights)

“That’s funny, I had a dream that Skip was yelling in my ear all night.”

“Well I don’t want to carry the bread!”

“Does this jacket look too puffy???”

“I’m almost too warm actually.”

“This fleece is buttery”

“It has to get worse before it gets better.”

“F$#%! sled!!!”

“It’s like a sauna in here.”

“I will be really happy if I can get it to stand up straight…”

“Is every picture of me going to be of me in some compromising position?”—“No…at least not till we digitally add the goat later.”

“My wife got me a walkie-talkie for Christmas but she just got me one so I guess it is just a walkie.”

“I have the balance of a pachyderm….well you have never seen an elephant fall have you?”

“Who is going to wear the tennis rackets?”

“Are you complaining or just stating a fact?”

“It’s just like carrying an old friend.”

“You actually brought slippers?!”

“Anyone see the trail head?”

“The wood warms ya twice!”

“You guys took up so much room I had to use Matt’s feet as a pillow!”

“It’s 12 o’clock and the amount of wood left is starting to worry me.”

“Brrr….you wanna stoke that thing a little more.”

“Do I look good?”

“I like this camping, it makes me feel like a man”

“I believe that all cylindrical meats are pre-cooked”

“I don’t really see a reason to get out of my sleeping bag yet….ok, now I have a reason”

“Ouch!! $%@!*^! %#@!”

“It may not be a warm fire but it sure is a smokey one”

“Well, I packed two pairs of gloves but luckily I lost one of each so I am still balanced”

“You get up and get the wood. No, you get the wood. Rob should get the wood. Why doesn’t someone (else) get the wood? Isn’t anyone getting wood? I am cold, are you getting the wood? Fine, I will go get the wood”

“Does Sparky want a cracker?”

“Do you want to hold it or whack it?”

“Jay…are those crampons with wings?”

“Damn…I thought I had my headlamp but I grabbed a piece of beef stick instead!”

“Just go take a walk in the woods….we all understand the biology behind it”

“Its like sleeping on a thousand nipples”

“Watch out for the Jay-nami”

“There just went an insect!…oh wait, maybe it was just a piece of ash.”

“Honey, why don’t you break out your sausage?”

“Do you want me to hold your beef stick?”

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