If you want to keep your water bottle from freezing you can buy a commercial bottle insulator or you can  use an old wool sock/mitten and slip that over your water bottle. Or you can make your own insulated water bottle cozy.

What you’ll need three items to build your cozy: Reflectix insulation (available at any hardware store), duct tape and velcro strips (6 inches).

You will need three tools: a measuring tape, heavy-duty scissors and a marker


  1. Trace the water bottle bottom on a piece of Reflectix and cut out the resulting disc.
  2. Measure the water bottle height and outside circumference, then cut a strip of insulation matching these dimensions.
  3. Place the water bottle on the disc and wrap the insulation strip around it.
  4. Tape all seams with duct tape or aluminum foil tape. Make sure it fits the water bottle snugly.
  5. You can add more insulation by placing a second, smaller disc of Reflectix inside the cozy.

Follow the same steps to make a pot cozy.   You can tailor the cozy by wrapping the insulation’s exterior in tape to protect it from abrasion.

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July 28th, 2014 | Category: Winter Camping

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