Homemade Trekking Poles

I recently discovered a nice blog “Gear Talk with Jason Klass” who blogs a running commentary on backpacking gear and DIY gear projects.  His most recent post is a nice one describing how to make Carbon fiber trekking poles on the cheap –  the components included:

  1. 42″ Carbon golf club shafts. $5 each on eBay.
  2. Cork grips. $2 each at my local fly fishing shop.
  3. Leki tips. $7.50 each from REI. These are key because there are snow basket attachments that fit Leki.
  4. Bicycle handle bar tape. $10 at my local bike shop.

The end product weighed 4.4 oz. per pole. The cost per pole was about $18.50 All the poles lacked were straps.


December 2nd, 2008 | Tags: DIY gear, trekking poles, Winter Camping Gear | Category: Winter Camping, Winter Camping Gear

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