Primus Micron Lantern

There is nothing more impractical for backpacking than those colemanesque old lanterns that use the little mesh globes inside. Don’t get me wrong, they can throw a great light and keep an entire campsite full of boy scouts active late into the night. But carrying one on a backpacking trip just isn’t possible. It would take up half the space in your pack. Plus the broken glass when you reach in to get a Clif bar might not be pleasant.primus-micron-lantern Now there is a new kind of mantle lantern. Introducing the Primus Micron Lantern.

Weighing in at 4.4 ounces and using the same propane/isobutane canister many backpacking stoves do, it’s the ideal choice for those who prefer lighter gear. The MicronLantern fits in the palm of your hand. Making it easy to store inside a cooking pod or just crammed in a stuff sack. It’s tough steel construction makes it difficult to damage and the amount of moving parts makes identifying any problems less complicated.

Operating the Primus lantern is quick as well. Preburn the mantle provided in the packaging then fit it into the mech cage. Next screw the lantern on top of your fuel bottle and turn the gas on. An ignitor button on the side saves you from those fun hand burns we used to get on the old style lanterns. Once lit the lantern can be sat on any level surface. If you’re in mountainous terrain or need light from above the lantern comes with a metal cable so it can be hung from a tree or other overhead structure. Don’t hang this thing inside your tent though.

The most complicated thing about the Primus Miron Lantern is the initial burning of the mantle. Which may seem a bit odd to be burning up the only mantle provided in the box. I’d also recommend always keeping a spare mantle with you in case your mantle gets damaged in the carrying process. The lantern retails for $70.


December 7th, 2010 | Category: Winter Camping Gear

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