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Hammock Hangin’ Essentials For Noobs

Shugery is a diehard hammock hanger.  I have always been intrigued by hammocks but never made the investment for two reasons:

  1. I rarely solo camp.  Rather, I share a tent, lean-to or tipi with others on the same trip.
  2. Hammock camping in the winter seems to involve just as much gear as traditional winter camping.  By the time you add under quilts and everything else it seems the gear is comparable to a light weight solo tent, sleeping pad and bag.

But there are a lot of hammock enthusiasts.  So if youhave a hammock or are getting one but are perplexed by how to hang, stay warm in the winter and all that …… not to mention trying to explain your new hobby to friends and family you might want to check out the series of nine videos that Shug put together to explain his system with all the do-dads he likes to use.

  1. Hammock Hangin’ How-To PART 1… Essentials For Noobs Part 1
  2. Hammock Hangin’ How-To PART 2 …Essentials For Noobs & Whatnots
  3. Hammock Hangin’ How-To PART 3 … Essentials For Noobs & What-nots
  4. Hammock How-To PART 4 … Essentials for Noobs & What-Nots
  5. Hammock How-To… PART 5 Tarp Rap … Essentials For Noobs & What-Not
  6. Hammock How-To PART 6 Tarp Rap….. Essentials For Noobs & What-Nots
  7. Hammock How-To PART 7 Tarp Rap …. Essentials For Noobs & What-Nots
  8. Hammock How-To…Part 8 Tarp Rap…. Essentials For Noobs & What-Nots
  9. Hammock How-To…PART 9 …..Tarp Rap….Essentials For Noobs & What-Nots

Each of these videos runs 7-9 minutes so you get a lot of hammock time – once The Shug is done with his entertainment.

March 16th, 2010 | Category: Winter Camping

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