Indian Pass…..the first attempt.  Thwarted by darkness
and lostness
                   While Ian and Mark shouldered their packs,
Uncle Jim loaded his gear into a sled and the trio set off for
Indian Pass.  Darkness and lostness thwarted their efforts
but the groundwork for E.R.O.T.I.C. had begun to be laid

Indian Pass…..back at it.   Thwarted by overcooked
linguini and sub zero temperatures
Uncle Jim and Mark were joined by Matt and
Len for a second attempt at the vaunted Indian Pass.
Fueled by overcooked linguini and a restless night filled with
the sounds of popping trees at minus 15 the group was
once again defeated by the Pass.  This is the infamous…”I’m
not going to lie to you” trip detailed in the poem by our own
Jim Muller.  During the trip the group learns that it ’tis far
better to shoulder ones pack then to load all the gear in a
sled and have to cradle the bread.

Cat Mountain…Spring means no snow right??
Uncle Jim, Matt and Skip set out on a spring
time trip in the hopes of climbing Cat Mountain.  However
as the elevation got higher so did the snow and the
snowshoe-less trio had to halt their climb.  They are quick
to point out though that they sat on some lovely
near…the summit.  Once again, it is the
journey…not the destination.

Long Pond Leonids….Knots and Clots
                    Uncle Jim, Rob and Len set out for Long Pond
for a nice dark view of the Leonid Meteor Shower on a chilly
November weekend.  Rob took one for the team while
gathering fire wood and had to sop the blood up with some
TP while Len became a knot tying wizard.  The trio awoke at
5am for a cold shower which did not disappoint.

Indian Pass……the final assault.  “Oh…so that’s what it
looks like!”
   The group is minus Len but Ian rejoins the
fight as the group wanders the parking lot but keeps a keen
eye on the trail markers to finally reach Indian Pass on a
flurry filled November weekend.

Puffer Pond…’s a Jamboree!.   Snob Knob, the perfect
fire and the flapping tarp
   The biggest group yet with a Jamboree Spirit.
E.R.O.T.I.C. is joined by many newcomers for a hike into
Puffer Pond to bask under a full moon night sky.  It is here
that EROTIC learned the value of sharing, compassion and
sacraficing ones own comfort for the general well being of
others.  We also learned that a short hike back out to the
diner beats an omlet in a ziplock anyday.

Peaked Mountain…..”Its the journey….not the
   The E.R.O.T.I.C. motto is born.  The
founders along with members, Len, Rob and Jason pitch
their tents in the hopes or climbing Peaked Mountain.  Once
again the group is thwarted by lostness but a good time is
once again had by all.

Kane Mtn……fire tower or bust.   Wind, Wobbly Knees
and kissing the ground
   The Founders plus Skip meet for a day hike
up to the Kane Mountain Fire Tower.  At the suggestion of
Skip the group decides to climb to new heights without first
begging the question…”Is anyone scared of height

The Mighty Jessup……thwarted by the one and only day
the Jessup was Mighty
   The Founders along with Len, Rob, and Jason
Castle set out for a paddle down the Mighty Jessup.
Thwarted by raging waters and ice filled lakes E.R.O.T.I.C.
returns totally defeated

Wailing on the Whitney…..canoeing where no one has
canoed before.  Short paddle followed by a long carry
   The E.R.O.T.I.C. Founders break the mold
and embark on a summer canoe trip with the first girl in
E.R.O.T.I.C. history.  In sauna like conditions with blood
sucking insects the group paddles and carries their way
across beaver dams, marsh lands, fallen trees, overgrown
trails, white capped lakes and bear scat to bravely traverse
where few have traversed before

John Pond….wicking all the way.
              The E.R.O.T.I.C. Founders are minus their
eldest statesman while he recovers from surgery but are
joined by the East Greenbush Chapter, Ian and Sparky the
rookie.  The group enjoys a 3 mile snowshoe back to frozen
John Pond.  Rob leads the group on a bush whacking
adventure to the top of some neighboring cliffs for a
spectactular view.  After sliding their way back down the
group enjoys a tasty feast followed by a nice slumber filled
with the rumbling sounds of snores and the howling sounds
of coyote.

Second Pond….where is first pond?
Jamboree II…The Founders along with the
East Greenbush Chapter, Skip, Lawnchair Bob, Ed the
Rookie and Solo Pete enjoy a leisurely stroll back to Second
Pond for a crystal clear night, a smokey Tipi, knockwurst on
a stick, shooting stars, a total lunar eclipse and breakfast
that couldn’t be beat.

Giant Mountain…3/4 of a peak down, 45 and a 1/4 to
                  The Hay Brothers, SPARKY, Jay and the East
Greenbush Chapter all set off with good intentions of
bagging Giant Mountain…the 15th highest peak in the
Adirondacks.  The trail gains just over 3,000 feet in 3 miles
to a total elevation of 4,627 feet…or so.  Battling steep
terrain and rapidly diminishing daylight the group decided to
use better judgement about 30 min from the top and turned
back for the safety of the sauna…I mean tipi. 

Baldface Mountain…is this a hike or a buffet?!
            Mark, Uncle Jim, Sparky, Dan and
E.R.O.T.I.C rookie Todd walk on water to get to the top of
Baldface Mountain for some spectacular sunny views of
Indian Lake, Snowy Mountain, and Panther Mountain just
to name a few.  That evening the group dines on a
smorgasbord of food including beerwurst, chicken and
stuffing, spice bread, pumpkin bread, gorp, hersey
miniatures, spiced cider, hot cocoa and of course…jiffy
sorta-pop all while enjoying the Prairie Home Companion
Live Radio Show in the sauna like conditions of the Tipi.
Yes…camping at it’s best. 

Wintergreen Dog Sledding Trip in Ely,
Uncle Jim, Matt, Mark and Jason are
joined by winter camper new comers Aunt Kathy and Paul
for possibly the best trip in E.R.O.T.I.C.’s brief history.  For
3 days the group covered 24 miles through the Boundary
Waters Area of Northern Minnesota; powered by teams of
Canadain Inuit Dogs and led by their fearless map carrying
guides Rob and Steve. 

Stony Pond….the Jamboree that turned into a Jam
Due to varying degrees of skirt wearing
the Jamboree turned into just a Jam as only Matt, Mark,
Sparky, Chris and warm weather camper Beth took part.
However the quintet enjoyed great weather, a scenic hike
and some serious card hustling.  Despite the poor
attendance it was yet another journey. 

Snowy Mountain….the trip of the last minute bails
  Yet again there were some last minute
skirts to leave the crew of Matt, Mark, Sparky, Jason and
Chris, but the group still managed to have another
successful adventure.  The 5 hiked and crawled their way to
the top of Snowy Mountain, elevation 3,899 feet, despite
waist deep snow and near zero visibility. 

Dug Mountain Brook Falls….thin ice and fading daylight
In typical fashion the
group of Matt, Uncle Jim, Skip, Len, Sparky, Chris and Beth
attempted to find the famed Dug Mountain Brook Falls.
However do to a late start, thin ice, fading daylight and a
poorly marked trail the group was unable to find the falling
water.  A return trip is planned though.

Dug Mountain Brook Falls….the journey finally leads to
the destination
                      After failing in the 1st attempt, the crew went back in the hopes to finally
find the waterfalls.  Uncle Jim and Skip were sent out a day
early as advanced scouts but failed to tell Matt, Mark, Rob,
Chris, Pete, Sparky and Beth that the Jessup was not
completely frozen.  However the group just never gave up
hope and finally found a spot safe enough to cross which
lead them to the frozen yet picturesque Dug Mtn Brook

Mount Blue…bushwhacking with man’s best friend
                      Uncle Jim, Mark and Jason were joined by newbie Scott along with Maddux…the
first 4 legged E.R.O.T.I.C. canine.  The quintet hiked and
whacked their way to the top of Mount Blue for some
stunning views before sliding back down for a peaceful
slumber in the Lizard Pond lean to.

Good Luck Mountain Cliffs…climbing, sliding and snow
man building
                      Matt, Mark, Sparky, Chris, Dan and Todd
set their sights on Good Luck Mtn for some phenomenal
views under a bright blue sky.  Upon returning to camp the
crew builds the first snowman in
history in honor of Rob before settling into the tipi under a
clear cold sky.

Tenant Creek Falls….sauna like in November
Uncle Jim, Matt, Mark, Skip, Sparky, Beth,
Jay and Scott set out for Tenant Creek Falls.  Enjoying an
Indian summer the group puts on their shorts to show off
their November tan lines and enjoy a little serenity as they
do a “6” mile thru hike to 3 sets of waterfalls.

Huckleberry Mountain…goodbye to 2005
Matt, Mark, Len, Rob, Chris, Sparky and
Beth say goodbye to 2005 with a New Years Eve bushwhack
up Huckleberry Mountain.  With all their new Christmas
“toys” packed the group struggles to keep a general south
east direction in order to find the perfect spot for that all
important group picture. 

Murphy Lake….a thru hike is only as good as car
battery on the other end!
Uncle Jim, Matt, Mark, Skip, Sparky, Chris,
Danielle and Natalie the pooch set off for a thru hike to
Murphy Lake.  The group slogs though the mud for a
culinary cook off at the Murphy Lake lean-to.  As the group
sets out to
the car on the other end of the trail, little do
they know that a dead battery awaits them.  Only the quick
feet and strong lungs of Chris and Sparky save the group
from another nights stay.