There are several versions of the Leave No Trace logo running around on the internet and in publications.  Almost all display a center dot with two swirls surrounding the dot.

The exceptions are special purpose patches offered by the Boy Scouts and other organizations.

How did the official LNT logo come about?  An advertising and design firm in Chicago originally created the Leave No Trace logo. The swirls had arrows on either end and were meant to suggest that you go in one side, (the outdoors), enjoy your experience (the center dot), and then come out again without leaving a trace. The arrow ends were later dropped.

LNT proposes that one consider the circle in the middle to be a outdoor experience or a favorite place outside. The surrounding lines represent the ways we interact with that experience or in that space; with enjoyment, wonder, appreciation, and awareness we come into and out of the experience with as little impact as possible.


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October 28th, 2013 | Category: Winter Camping

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