Temperatures are warming up but there is still snow on the ground – what a great time to go winter camping!  One of my favorites was an April trip to Cat Mountain.  We had easy hiking to the lean-to at Dead Creek Flow.  Below Matt poses near blow down left from the 1995 microburst.


Only moments ago this was a more interesting picture as Skip was ‘climbing’ over the log.


Skip pauses for a pose in the sun on our in bound hike.


We stopped at the lean-to at Cranberry Lake’s Dead Creek Flow, had lunch and left our heavy packs (and snowshoes) for the hike to Cat Mountain in the afternoon. Leaving our snowshoes was a mistake.  As we ascended Cat Mountain the snow got deeper and deeper.  Unfortunately the snowshoes were back at the lean-to.  We had only one thing to do.


Stop and bask in the sun….. Jim & Matt looking contented above.  Matt strikes a pose below.


Skip soaking up sun rays below.


We didn’t reach the summit.  But sometimes you don’t.  It’s about the journey….. not the destination.  It was still one of the more enjoyable trips I made.

So we returned to the lean-to at Dead Creek Flow.


Below Jim examines the maps that night to estimate how close we were to reaching the summit.


That night Matt unveiled his chicken and stuffing in a bag for a yummy dinner.  We had a nice temperate night to hang out. Here Skip enjoys the fire.


Skip is renowned for his ability to rapidly fall asleep.  Skip was climbing in his sleeping bag as Matt stepped around the lean-to to relieve himself before going to sleep.  Before Matt returned to the lean-to Skip was comfortably snoring away in deep slumber.   The temperatures were moderate through the night and we slept well.

The next morning we breakfasted on oatmeal and hot beverages.   We packed up and hiked out;  as we hiked out we watched a deer crossing the ice.


Frequently the deer fell through the ice. Eventually it reached the other side and trotted into the woods.


A nice trip and it convinced me I have been missing many spring snow camping opportunities.  It’s not too late!


March 23rd, 2011 | Category: Adirondacks, Cold Weather Camping, Winter Camping

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