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Dealing With The Cold

PlanetFear has a article on dealing with the cold.  The article covers five topics:

Understanding the risks of cold injury including environmental factors such as air temperature, wind, dampness, and cold water immersion and  individual factors such as activity level, hunger, thirst and fatigue, gender and physique, clothing and illness/injury.

Improvising Shelter – by having all participants stand in a tight circle facing inwards and pull a tarp over the heads of the group with the bottom dangling down towards the ground and having everyone kneel down to seal the bottom of the shelter against the base of the snow.  A temporary group shelter can be used to take a break for some food, wait for slower members of the group, take time to plan a safe route out, or simply use the opportunity to make a go/no go decision in  relaxed surroundings.

Building a snow cave for overnight shelter

Recognition and treatment of hypothermia

Recognition and treatment of frostbite

All in all, in a worthwhile article for anyone going outdoors in the winter.

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January 2nd, 2011 | Tags: heat loss | Category: Cold Weather Camping, Snow Hiking, Winter Camping Skills

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