Design Salt Cocoon Silk Mummyliner

I have used this silk sleeping bag liner since 2003.  I originally purchased it for use winter camping but it is equally valuable for summer time camping.  I have used this liner in a variety of weather conditions with temperatures ranging from -teens to mid-70s.

Benefits of the liner include:

  • It gives a layer of protection between your body and any water bottles or clothes you include in your sleeping bag at night.
  • Lightweight. Only 4.7 ounces
  • Warm.  The liner adds 9.5 degrees of warmth to your sleeping system and reduces the air space your body needs to heat up.
  • Comfortable.  It is breathable, wicks moisture away from skin and is soft and comfortable to the skin.
  • Ideal size.  I am 6’4″ and found the sizing of liner to be ideal.  The 95″ long bag features a drawstring hood, a 35″ wide opening taping to a comfortable 22″ boxed foot end.
  • Easy to clean.  Machine washable.
  • Protects your sleeping bag from body oils and dirt.

I use the liner during summer trips as well.  If it’s too hot to sleep with my sleeping bag zipped close I sleep on top of the bag with the liner over top.

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