Tom Murphy commented on our post about building a fire outdoors and provided some good advice he was given when he asked for fire building help:

  • Dead wood burns easier than green wood.
  • Gather a barrel of twigs, an armful of sticks, and a handful of branches and a couple of logs.
  • Start small and slowly build up the ash bed/fire.
  • If wet, split logs into quarters and strip outer bark.
  • Place logs near fire to pre-heat and drive off as much moisture as possible.
  • Birch bark and pine needles are excellent kindling.
  • Use dryer lint to catch the spark from the fire steel & then add more dryer lint to that starter flame until the pine needles and birch bark light.
  • Use a “Lincoln log” chimney structure and have something handy to literally fan the flames.

I am personally enamored with using cotton balls dipped in Vaseline as  a fire starter.  I think it burns a little hotter than the cotton lint alone, but these are personal choices.

I certainly want to reinforce his suggestion to pre-heat your bigger logs prior to piling them on the fire.

And finally, when it comes to fire building and fire maintenance too many cooks spoil the brew.


October 20th, 2010 | Tags: fire | Category: Cold Weather Camping, Winter Camping Skills

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